No More Watching From The Sidelines!

How long has it been since you consumed? I don’t mean it in a sense of food but rather media. I don’t know about you, but my god I have been for the longest time ever! From videos [ movies | Shows | Internet] to comics, articles, books …etc

And throughout all that time, I built worlds in my head where I too become a creator not just a consumer. In these worlds, it felt great. Made me feel I bring value to this world, not just take from it. However, since that was all in my head, reality keeps striking me. I’m not doing anything.  Why don’t I do something? Come on Athoug, do something! But you know what… I never did.

I can blame this on various factors and situations all day long, but if we bottled down to the crux of the reason it’s just me. I am to blame for my inertia. No one else. And this laziness brought with it a bunch of shitty feelings, that not only made me a world-class procrastinator but rather a coward. One who was afraid of trying something. One who was afraid of experimentation, exploring, and living.

It took years to realize this, but I am grateful for the realization. This made me think clearly. Made me excited to try. Made me that 5-year old who would sit on the porch of her backyard with all those broken toys, and parts, and just tries to stitch them together and make something even greater. I miss that girl. But she’s always been there.

This was the reason for writing this post. For working on goals that I will achieve. I’ve never been a fan of new years resolution [still not] This is not one. This is a promise to myself I intend to keep. A message to me.

Athoug, you are a maker. Remember that. You were in your heart, now you will show it. It will be hard at the start, and you want it to be. How else will you learn and grow? It's okay. Keep at it. persist. If ever you feel like "what am I doing?" "shit... I can't do this". Just stop. Stop, and come back here to this post and read this. Remember that past Athoug believes in you, and that future Athoug depends on you. You got this. and STOP fucking doubting yourself and just DO!

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